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Lessons learned…cloth and solid foods

About three weeks ago we started Grayson on purees.  I knew that we would see a change in his diapers, but I didn’t realize how quickly that change would happen.  We fed him mere teaspoons of banana for a few days, and all of a sudden, the diapers were chunky!

I’m not giving up, but I have changed my mind about a couple of things related to cloth diapering.

The Diaper “Pail”

Any old garbage can will NOT do when you are cloth diapering.  Something with a good seal is a must.  After a bit of shopping after my husband complained several times about the stink in G’s room, I have decided that the diaper pail people know what they are doing.  I chose a model that clearly states on the box that it works with any bag.

I am a little miffed that the pails don’t hold nearly as many diapers as my step garbage can.  I’m still looking for an option for stashing soiled diapers between washes to avoid stinking up the world so I don’t have to wash every time my pail gets full.

The Diaper Sprayer

I thought this was a gimmick.  Absolutely NOT!  BUY ONE!!!  This is a way better option than dunk and swish in the toilet.  Early solid diapers are really sticky, and I have trouble getting it to come off in the toilet.  The water pressure from a sprayer helps so much.

Posted February 26th, 2011 in Baby Inselmann, Cloth Diapers.

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