Hopeful Thoughts

Losing the Baby Weight: Weighing In

I began my commitment to seriously working to lose the weight on July 26th. Tomorrow will mark one month since I began my journey, so I thought it would be appropriate to “weigh in” today and report my progress.

I’ve done OK at maintaining my work out goals. However, I hit a bump in the road when I injured myself. I’m pretty sure that I pulled some kind of muscle in my knee as a result of poor form. To other mom’s out there, form is important, and it’s hard to keep it when a toddler is floating around your workout space! G is REALLY curious about the blue lights on the heart rate monitors I wear for the PS3 game I work out with. He’s ALWAYS underfoot. He plucks the resistance bands, sits on my back while I do push ups, reaches for my hand weights, insists on being picked up while I do squats… I think he enjoys watching, but it’s easier if I can do it well before his nap time or while he’s asleep.

Anyway, I had to sit out for a week as a result of the pain. I started back Monday, and things seem to be healed. I’m really enjoying the program and it’s nice to be able to keep to a routine that I can do indoors with this INSANE summer we are having here in TX.

Now, drum roll, please! In the last month, I have lost TEN pounds!!!!!! I can officially say this because even at my heaviest time of day, the weight loss is clear! I’m so excited!!!

I think I only have another 5 pounds to go to be where I was when I got pregnant. I can’t find where I wrote that down at the moment. 🙁 I have another 15 pounds to go to make it to my goal weight. Yup, I gotta keep going. When I got pregnant with G, I’d just returned from almost three weeks in Argentina. Three weeks of eating empanadas, the best ice cream EVER, and polishing off an entire batch of brownies (or whatever chocolate treat we decided to make) with my three moth post-partum friend and her husband was NOT the best way to prepare for pregnancy weight gain!!

I’m finding it pretty easy to stick to the program. It helps SOOO much to have those extra points for nursing. I wish I’d focused earlier when he was nursing more often. The weight would have flown off! But, here are a few stats to illustrate my eating habits.

Week 1: Used 19 extra points (G’s birthday cupcakes) Had one or two extra points remaining on 3 days.

Week 2: Used 7 extra points (dinner at Chuy’s). Had 2-7 points remaining on all other days

Week 3: Used 12 extra points (ate out twice that weekend) Only 3 days with remaining points

Week 4: Used 5 extra points (Uncle Julio’s!) 6 days with remaining points, all but one day 3 or more