Hopeful Thoughts

Six weeks already???

My hands have been really full for the last 6 weeks, but things are finally settling into a bit of a routine. Looks like there will only be one load of laundry today instead of the typical three, and I’m figuring out when I can lay the little guy down to get a few things done for myself.

This week, it’s been especially important that I find time to pick up the house and make myself presentable. My tutoring business, Hope4Math, is officially up and running. I have a total of 14 students, 10 of which were inherited from my friend when she was relocated. This load takes 12 hours over the course of 4 days each week. I have sitters coming to the house to watch Grayson while I attempt to guide young minds down the road to improved math comprehension.

But, what you’re really interested in is the “little” guy, right? He’s already TWELVE pounds! I think my body is making pure butter! Here are a few pictures taken since his arrival.


On the way home from the birth center. So tiny in the car seat!

One Day Old

Three days old, hanging out in a sunny window. Look how big his diapers seem to be!

Five Days Old

21 inches and only 7 pounds at five days, my sister dubbed him a "string bean".

Almost three weeks old

Silly Grayson! At three weeks, he loves to bury his face in Daddy's arm.

Meeting his oldest cousin, Jocelyn, who just turned 5 at then end of August. I can't believe I've been an aunt for 5 years!

Four Weeks

Four Weeks Old

Almost 4 weeks here. I love this face! It's his polite way of telling mommy that he is hungry. It was taken right after a bath.

One month old, on our way to church. He's just beginning to appreciate toys.

He's almost 6 weeks in this photo. It's amazing how much bigger he is!