Hopeful Thoughts

Where did the Summer Go?

Yes, it’s still BLAZING hot here in North Texas, but there are several signs that the summer “break” is pretty much over. I tutor math when I’m not chasing my toddler or sewing. (You can check out the details about that here!) I thought I was going to have a few weeks off before school started…well, before PUBLIC school started. Turns out a bunch of my kids went back to school YESTERDAY at a local private school. Which means, I have to go back, too, so my kids don’t fall behind. It’ll only be one day a week, but still! Not to mention, G’s Mom’s Day Out program finished up this week, so there’s 10 extra hours with my little guy until that starts back up at the end of the month.

It’s been a roller coaster of a summer. On the upside, we’ve been blessed with a lot of cool things this summer. Having G in Mom’s Day Out was such a blessing. I had a nice easy tutoring schedule…just 7 hours a week if they all were in town! I was even able to have 5 hours to myself every Thursday for 8 weeks. My kiddo finally weaned at the end of June, just a month before turning 2, which has lead to much better sleep for the whole family! I also enjoyed a great two week visit with my mom! On the down side, my dear friend Lori, the wife of our pastor, was diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma and a very poor prognosis. This has hung a pretty dense fog over the last 4 weeks.

Death hit me the past fall when both of my grandparent on my Dad’s side passed away within 10 days of each other. That was hard, but I’m used to their absence. I live 1300 miles from home, so I hardly even saw them. It’s not strange to be away from them. Yes, I was sad, but their passing doesn’t affect my daily life. I’ve spent so much time with this family over the last 9 years, they have become part of my own adopted family. This blow is hard to take. God has perfect plans for her. This I know. We will be together for eternity in heaven when He calls us both home in His perfect timing. I hope to spend the time we have left making more precious memories with her, but I rest in the hope I have in Jesus.

I’d thought I might post a few sewing projects, but I think I’ll leave you here. God bless you, all!