Hopeful Thoughts

PUL Fabric stash for Diapers

Here are photos of most of the PUL fabrics in my current stash. If you want fabric for diapers, you want PUL. The flannel can be used to embellish a white PUL diaper or as a liner inside a pocket diaper that allows your munchkin to feel wet, but otherwise is not for diapers. Though it is not shown here, I always have white PUL. There is a sufficient amount of any fabric shown to make at least one diaper, but please check if you’d like an item that requires more fabric, like a wet bag or pail liner. I you don’t see something here that you like, I am happy to special order for customers requesting 2 or more diapers.

Interior fabrics for Pockets:

Choose between Suedecloth, Polyester velour, micro fleece or flannel. Suedecloth is a great, lasting option for the inside of a diaper. It wicks moisture away from babies’ skin. Velour is also a wicking fabric, but is much more luxurious. Flannel is a good option if you are looking towards potty training, because it does NOT wick away moisture.

My current stash includes suede cloth in a tan color called “doe”, white micro fleece, ivory Panne Velour, pink bamboo velour, and a variety of flannel.

FOE (Fold Over Elastic):

I have several colors in my stash in addition to classic white. Choose your print and I’ll let you know what I have in my stash to coordinate.

Can’t find anything here that you love? I can special order. Chances are good I can get something you like.