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One Finished project … and some other stuff

On Tuesday, I worked a long time on my pillows.  I was successful in cutting material out, installing zippers, and wrapping cording.  I even did quite a bit of overcasting to avoid unraveling later on.  By Midnight, I was ready to piece the final products together.  At 1:00 A.M., I threw my hands up and quite for the night.  My machine kept jamming up as threads tangled beneath the material.  I’d already taken out and replaced the bobbin several times and I was just tired of doing it.

Wednesday morning, I called my sister in Michigan for advice.  I cleaned the machine carefully, adjusted the tension on my bobbin, reset the stitch length, and jumped back into the game.  By the time my machine jammed up several more times, I REALLY gave up.  I think the material was just too thick to sew with my basic machine.  So, I decided to hand stitch the pieces together.  This actually went really quickly, and the pillow cover came together beautifully, if I say so myself!

I did run into one more snag when I put the cover on the form.  Turns out my measurements weren’t exactly perfect, and the cover was too big!!  So my husband gave me instructions to buy new pillow forms!  So much for repurposing the old pillows!  But, all is well!  I found pillow forms at JoAnn’s today for less than $5 each after a 50% sale price and my teacher discount!!  Here is the finished pillow.  I still have to piece the other one together, but it will look the same.

Last night we got to go eat cheesecake with our friends.  She just got her Pampered Chef spring form pan, and this was her first cheesecake.  I took this picture to show off her handiwork.

And, one more thing.  I realized today that I told a falsehood in my last post.  I DID get my hair cut here once at one of the places in the mall.  I can’t believe I forgot, because I went with my PRECIOUS friend Emily just a few days before she got married!!!  Thanks, Leslie, for reminding me.

Posted March 19th, 2009 in Crafts.


  1. Terry Mom:

    Your pillow looks super. So…when can we start placing our orders? (:

  2. Terry Mom:

    I’d order a delicious looking cheesecakes like the one above too. (:

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