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I’m in love with a rental house

I’ve been told that it’s OK to tell people that we are most likely moving.  Well, at least we are if nothing crazy happens between now and the end of the summer when our current lease runs out.  We’re not going far, just across town.  

A couple of months ago we found out from some friends of ours (the ones of made the CHEESECAKE in my earlier post) that the other side of their duplex is slated to come available this summer, just at the same time our lease will expire.  Until today, all we knew was it has 2 bed 2 bath, great neighbors, cool location, garage space, yard, and only about $50 more than what we currently pay for a 2 bed 1 bath apartment.  Already with that information my mind was spinning with all the ideas of how great it would be.  The neighbors are friends of ours, and we have chatted long about the parties we could have and the dinners we could cook together.  Sweet, right?

Well, we finally saw the place today, and it was EVEN BETTER than we could have hoped!  It’s an older house, so we had fears about the condition of the place, lack of closet space, maybe a small kitchen.  Turns out that the place is HUGE.  It has beautiful hard wood floors, lots of counter space, several built-in bookshelves, lots of closets, a fireplace, a dishwasher, gas stove top, … I could go on and on about all the great things!  It’s even got enough space for me to set up a tutoring area.  One of the best things is the open, circular floor plan.  The best homes, in my opinion, have a circular path through the main living areas, and this house does not disappoint.  You can make one complete circle by going though the living room, into the hallway, down into the kitchen, through the dining room, and right back into the living room.  It’s perfect!! 

So, start making plans now, because  we will have a big moving in party this fall when we get settled.  With our circular floor plan and big back yard, we will finally have room to hang out with all our friends at OUR PLACE!!!

Posted March 21st, 2009 in House.


  1. Terry Mom:

    I love your blog! For some reason my account at home won’t let me log into it, but I can get to it at school. The house sounds awesome.

  2. Pamela Tutt:

    I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog over the break. Good stuff!

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