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A lesson learned

I grew up in a family where service was modeled.  Dad was always doing stuff for other people, and mom was giving blood regularly.  I’ve always been willing to jump in and help others, but, before yesterday, had never given blood myself.

I’ve often had opportunities to give blood, but, quite honestly, I didn’t weigh enough.  Every when the high school hosted a blood drive, my kids would ask me why I didn’t donate, and I was quite honest with them.  I’m only about 5 feet tall, and REALLY I didn’t weigh enough to meet the requirements to give.  

Time passed, and I got married and started cooking for my husband.  There are a few things that I make well, like DESSERT, and so, the weight crept up.  For most of the passed 6 years, it’s been FEAR, not weight that has kept me form giving.  I was always scared that I would pass out.

So, yesterday, with my precious friend, Diane, by my side, I gave blood for the first time.  The guy that drew it was so nice.  He really helped to make me comfortable with the whole thing.  He and Diane and I laughed, and, before I knew it, 600 grams of my blood was no longer in my body.  Surprisingly, I was still alert and felt fine.  So, I drank some juice, ate some cookies, sat for about 10 minutes, and then walked back to my classroom to finish the day.  I made sure to sit for the duration and drink lots of water.

After school I ran a few errands: bank, fabric store, grocery store; and then it was on to home group.  I ate a big dinner, as I’d been told to.  Everything was still fine.

The last thing I remember was reading a passage from Ephesians about the good works God prepared us to do.  I began reflecting on the wonder of the human body and how amazing it was that it could be fine without that pint of blood I’d seen earlier.  In fact, it looked like a lot of blood relative to the size of my body.  I don’t know if I psyched myself out or it was really the blood loss, but that’s when my head started spinning.  I thought about telling the group (about 15 of my church friends), but I didn’t want to interrupt the discussion.  So, I drank some water, put the bottle back on the floor, and then sat back in my chair, trying to relax.

Next thing I remember was hearing Vicki asking over and over, “Hope, are you OK?”  She had an arm around me.  I felt like I was coming out of a deep sleep, hearing voices in a dream.  It was very surreal.  I’ve never passed out before in my life.  It took me a few minutes to realize what had happened.  Poor Husband didn’t even know yet that I had given blood, so he was quite freaked out until someone clued him in.  

We considered going to the ER, but after talking to my mom and Lori’s mom, both nurses, it was decided that I would just go home and rest for the duration of the weekend.  I am under strict orders from MOM to eat red meat, take iron, rest (possibly stay home from work on Monday), and to NEVER give blood again.  Turns out I really AM too small!

I want to thank all my sweet friends who helped out last night.  God’s hand was so present, and I am grateful.  Even to the point that He made sure we were crammed in close enough together for discussion that when I passed out, the nearest thing for my head to land on was sweet Vicki’s shoulder!  I will be OK, but I have certainly learned my lesson!

Posted April 4th, 2009 in life's little adventures.


  1. Amy:

    So glad you’re okay!

  2. emily:

    I am so glad you are okay.. Diane told me during BTCL. Get some rest…

  3. Mom (Terry):

    oh my…I’m soooo glad you’re ok too, and glad you had some nice shoulders to fall into. Your mom is right, so rest up and enjoy a nice steak. Love ya’ll, Mom (Terry)

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