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An Empty Seat

Every group has one … the awkward guy who’s always around.  You try to include him, but sometimes his quirks make it difficult to know what to say or do when he’s around.  

Ours was a Letter Carrier by day, Country Guitar Player by night.  No matter where he went, he always had a guitar, usually in his lap, almost as if it was some sort of security blanket.  If he wasn’t playing his guitar, he was chewing on a drinking straw, a habit formed years ago when he gave up smoking.  At Sunday lunches, he would quietly listen to the conversations, and occasionally jump in if it turned to music, but was lost amidst the usual talk of technology.  

He loved the Lord, he loved his church, and he loved to play his guitars.  During Bible study, his comments weren’t the most profound, but were often childlike and thoughtful.  Sometimes his prayer requests would go on with lengthy detail, but oh how he cared about people!  Our Sunday worship music took on a country twang each week.  I’m not sure he knew how to play any other style.  But, he was dedicated, dependable, present.  

We lost him this week.  In the middle of the day, while he was doing his job, the Lord saw fit to take him home.  And now, where our quirky, dependable friend used to be, there is an empty seat.  And we are all left wondering, did we love him like he loved us?

Posted April 11th, 2009 in faith.

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