Hopeful Thoughts

Counting Down?

There are so many big events coming up in my life that I am finding it difficult to focus on the here and now.  Here’s  a list of what’s coming up:

  • Less than 4 weeks until BTCL graduation
  • Less than 7 weeks until my LAST day of teaching
  • 7 weeks until I go home to visit NC and see my nieces!
  • A little over 3 months until I go to Argentina for a mission trip and to see my friend Emily and her new baby.
  • About 4 months until our lease ends and we move into a bigger place!

With all of these fun things to look forward to, you can see how I might be struggling!  In the mean time, I am trying not to rush through everything and to make the most of the gift of time that God gives me each day.

Posted April 20th, 2009 in Uncategorized.

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