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As many of you know, Ryan and I are planning to move into a rental house at the end of the summer.  We’ll hit our six year anniversary in June, and we’ve spent our entire marriage living with hand-me-down furniture from our parents, other family, and friends.  We’ve only purchased one new piece of furniture, and that’s the TV stand we bought this passed year (thanks Darren and Lindsey for helping haul it!).  We’ve decided that, after 6 years, we’re going to actually commit to a STYLE when we move.  

Our decision to find a style has resulted in three weekends spent window shopping all over the place.  We’ve been to Ikea in Round Rock and Frisco, three different room stores, two different Crate&Barrels, and plenty of other places in search of our perfect style.  After looking at high end, middle of the road, and cheap stuff, we seem to have decided on our favorite store.  What’s out favorite?  Why, it’s Crate&Barrell, the same place we got our TV stand from!!  They are not the cheapest place, but we think they will give us style, comfort, and quality for a pretty reasonable price.

Here’s are pictures of some of the things we’ve fallen in love with.


A sleeper sofa.
tracychairtopazs9A cool, comfy chair that reclines.

A table that converts to a desk.essexexttable3qs9

An extension table that will serve lots of guests and well as potential tutoring students.

essexbarcabinets9A cabinet to store party stuff, dishes, etc., that folds out on top to create a larger surface for a buffet.

essexsideboards9More cool storage for dishes.

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