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It’s Food Day Already???

Perhaps unknown to you, dear readers, I have plans for my blogs.  I sat down just the other day and decided exactly what I want to blog about on each day of the week.  This is mostly meant as a motivation to actually blog more often.  If I know what I’m doing before I sit down, then I am more likely to do it. 

Thursdays are my theme day.  For now, it’s the Coffee Cups.

Fridays are for books.  What I’m reading, what I want to read … you know!

Saturday and Sunday are unassigned.  Those are days to talk about whatever.

Mondays are for the things I’m learning about God.

Tuesdays are about crafty things I am doing or planning to do.

And, according to my plan, today, Wednesday,  is supposed to be the day I talk about food.  

Last week I picked up my first Organic Produce Co-Op  goodies, and I really hoped that I would have some pictures to make mouths water and a savory story to go along with them.  However, no such pictures were taken of the dishes those fruits and veggies turned into.  

In fact, the only interesting thing that I made was egg plant parmesan.  I am excited to say that it was a success.  I was dreadfully afraid that it would turn out mushy, yet it was tender with a perfect crunchy coating.  The egg plant was sliced, lightly salted, and left to drain on paper towels for about 30 minutes.  I dredged each piece in flour, egg, and bread crumbs before frying until golden in a bit of olive oil.  I didn’t have enough bread crumbs to dredge all the pieces, so I pulled out my mini food processor and ground up some generic wheat crackers.  I still can’t believe it tasted good, since I didn’t really follow any recipe!!  My most favorite days in the kitchen are those when I throw something together.  

Should life ever hand me another egg plant, I will not be afraid.  However, I will not be buying another on my own.  I stilll prefer chicken in my parmesan!!!

Posted July 1st, 2009 in Food, life's little adventures.

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