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A First Quilting Project

Several years ago, my dear friend Allyson made an adorable quilted bag that I still carry off and on to this day.  Every time I use it, I get loads of complements.  As I remember, it was her first quilt project.  


Well, time has passed and it’s getting a bit worn out.  I’ve pondered making one myself for quite some time.  Finally, I have purchased material with the intention of making one or two of these little bags.  Here’s the color scheme.  Perhaps one day soon I will actually begin this project and have something useful.  


I have successfully completed a whopping ONE of the projects I posted last week.  Check out the new stuff on my Etsy page to see the completed Green baby blanket.  I did finish the crocheted bag, but was unhappy with the result, so it’s been pulled out and started again with a smaller crochet hook.

Posted July 14th, 2009 in Crafts.

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