Hopeful Thoughts

One Creation and One Deconstruction

I finished my crochet bag!  I’m really excited with the way it finally turned out.  I may still go back and line it with material to keep it from stretching so much when I fill it up.  Here’s the final product for all to see:


Today I started on a deconstruction project.  


Last weekend we held a yard sale to raise money for the trip to Argentina.  I found myself watching this girl pick up shirts that obviously didn’t fit her, and so I had to ask if she was going to make something.  Turns out she was planning to use the material from the shirts to make wedding decorations.  

When we were cleaning up the leftovers, I decided to pull out a few shirts from the pile myself.  I cut four shirts apart and now have a little pile of material which will become something fun and hopefully wind up in my Etsy shop!


Posted July 21st, 2009 in Crafts.

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