Hopeful Thoughts

Finding Balance


As I lounge on my new couch savoring my first cup of coffee of the morning at 11:00 AM, I am convicted by reading all the Facebook posts from my friends who rose much earlier than I did this morning.

Statements are made like “It’s a Monday” and “How can I become a morning person?” and “Time to start another work week.” And what am I doing????

Sipping coffee at 11:00 AM from this mug: (Since I’ve been too busy to blog lately, here’s a quick version of the Coffee Cup Chronicles! This mug was given to me by my college friend and suite mate, Elaine. She was quite influential in my decision to be baptized as an adult who’d only been sprinkled as a baby. )


Don’t get mad at me because I’m home on a Monday morning and you are not. I, too, fight a weekly battle with the Mondays. Some weeks I walk out the door at 8 AM to a sub job and some weeks I ease into it at more like 10, but each new week is a chance to try again to get it right.

When I was employed full time, I did what I had to do in the time I had to do it, otherwise it wouldn’t get done. “Tomorrow” simply wasn’t an option, because it was full of other things to be done. Now that I pick my schedule, I find myself saying “I’ll do that later” far too often. It’s a horrible thing to have to say about myself, but, truth be told, I get LAZY!!!!

I’m hoping to get better about utilizing my time instead of letting it slip away. But, in the meantime, I just want all my working friends to know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.