Hopeful Thoughts

While Ridding my House of Dirt...

My house was in desperate need of clean floors. Sweeping is not my favorite thing to do, but the dust bunnies were beginning to take over, so it had to be done.

So, I pulled out my “duster broom thingy” and the little duster pads and set to work. After pushing the dirt around with THREE of the pads, I still had to go back with my regular broom and dustpan to finish the job. As I clipped the third pad in place, I thought, “what a waste of time and money!”

I don’t have to stop in the middle of what I’m doing to replace part of my broom. I don’t have to go back over what I’ve already done with another tool after I’ve used my broom. I don’t have to buy refill pads for my broom. I’m not creating MORE trash in the cleaning process by throwing away those silly pads when I use my broom.

broom Swiffer



  1. Brianne:


  2. Sarah:

    There is a company called Bona that makes microfiber dust-mop pads and a more “tough” scrubber pad. Works like a Swiffer, but comes with an environmentally friendly spray that you can use on your floors. Better than a broom. The pads are machine washable. Hook-and-Loop to attach to the mop handle. Pretty sweet.