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Excerpt from our contract with the home warranty company:

“Pre-existing conditions are not covered by this contract. However, for Buyer’s and Seller’s coverage only and for systems that become inoperative due to normal wear and tear, there is no denial of coverage (“No Fault” coverage) for: (a) malfunctions that existed on the effective date of the contract if, at that time, the malfunction was unknown and would not have been detectable by visual inspection or a simple mechanical test, (b) malfunctions caused by a lack of maintenance, rust or corrosion (c) malfunctions caused by improperly installed equipment and (d) malfunctions caused by mismatched system sizes. Undersized or poorly designed systems relative to the square footage are not covered by the “No Fault” coverage.”

Excerpt from our home inspection report which is being cited as the reason behind our denied coverage when the current issue is a fan motor that won’t function:

“The ambient air test was performed using thermometers on the air handler of both Air conditioners to determine if the difference in temperatures of the supply and return air are between 14 degrees and 22 degrees which indicates that the unit is cooling as intended.  The supply air temperature at main home read 61 degrees, and the return air temperature was 70 degrees….This indicates that the main home unit is not cooling properly and a licensed Heat/Air contractor should inspect for cause of problem.”

Posted July 14th, 2010 in House.

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  1. Sarah:

    Bummer. Can’t go after the home inspector because he/she found it. It doesn’t appear that the warranty will cover it according to the verbiage used. But I am not an attorney, and attorneys always write that stuff. Best of luck. I have often heard that buying a warranty on a home is VERY rarely worth the cost. I guess you are having to learn that lesson now. Best wishes on getting that stuff taken care of.

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