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The Diaper Sprayer

I mentioned in my previous post that I’d changed my mind about the need for a diaper sprayer for rinsing soiled diapers.  I thought I would spend some more time explaining the evolution of my opinion and comment on the installation process.

What do you do with the poop in a baby diaper?  If you are exclusively nursing, you just throw the whole thing in the wash and don’t give it a second thought.  Breast milk poop washes right out like yogurt!

But, when we’re talking solids, down the toilet it must go!  But how do you get it there?  Cheapest way is to dunk and swish. If that didn’t work, I figured the shower sprayer would  reach my toilet to handle the big messes.  Why would I need a special gimmick just for diapers?

I think the dunk and swish must work fine with flat diapers.  My sister has never complained.   It was not, however, cutting it for my pocket diapers.  I just couldn’t get the poop out of the nooks and crannies round the elastic.

So, as planned, I tried to wash it out with the sprayer from my shower.  It was effective, but such a hassle.   It was difficult to get over to the toilet in the first place, and then the spray was too wide to keep from getting water all over the floor, not to mention causing poop water to splash back in my face!

So, I finally decided to order a diaper sprayer.

It sat around for over a week, thinking I was going to ask my husband to install it.  I kept thinking it was going to be hard to do, despite the promise on the package that is was not.  So, today, I finally decided to get it done.  While G was down for his nap, I installed the diaper sprayer all by myself.

I had a little trouble getting the “t” connector to seal around the connection to the toilet tank and ended up with a little water in the floor when I turned the water back on, but it was easy to fix.  I simply hadn’t tightened it enough.  Once I fixed that problem, it’s leak free and works perfectly!

I can’t wait for G to poop so I can try it out!!

Posted February 28th, 2011 in Cloth Diapers.

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  1. rikki:

    lol, have fun! we have a homemade diaper sprayer…i think it was acutally a pet sprayer you attach to the shower. it’s the size of a vegetable sprayer but has a long hose. our toilet is like an inch from the shower, so it reaches just fine, and since it’s only a shower stall, no bathtub, we don’t have to pull the plug to divert the water every time. anyways, i definitely use it a lot…and use it to clean the toilet too! plus, once they start potty training it can come in handy to wash out the little potty seat!

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