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How to Make Your Own Nursing Pads

A few weeks ago my mom was telling me about my friend, Ginger, who was asking about where to get some good nursing pads.  My sister had picked up some organic ones for me while she was here when my baby was born, and mom wanted to let Ginger know where they’d come from.  My response was that the organic ones weren’t actually my favorites, but, in fact, I was more likely to wear the sets I had made from some scraps of flannel and terry left over from previous sewing projects.  I agreed to send Ginger the directions.

I never posted about this particular project.  Nursing pads seemed a bit too personal.  However, at Ginger’s encouragement, here’s the “how to”.

Supplies needed:

Circular object in the size diameter you desire for your pads (Mine was about 4 inches, but I decided this was a bit too small), another circular object that is a bit smaller in diameter than the first, cotton flannel, cotton terry (if desired), white thread (a good one that won’t shrink in the wash)


Begin by washing all your fabrics hot to make sure that your final product won’t shrink.  Cut circles of flannel using the larger diameter object as a stencil to trace.  If you want a thin pad, layer three of these together.  If you want a more absorbent pad, cut a circle from the terry cloth in the smaller size and layer it between two pieces of flannel.  Pin as needed.

Sew across the diameter of the circles 4 times as if you were slicing all the way across a pizza to create 8 “slices”.  At this point, you can sew in darts.  Stitch two on opposite sides of the circle.  This creates a more cup-like shape.

Finish by doing a wide zig-zag stitch around the edge of the circle.  I also did this on top of the darts to help them lay flat.

Wear your pads with the darts facing in so that you don’t get lines under your clothing.

Posted March 24th, 2011 in Crafts.

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  1. ginger:

    Do you mind if I post link on my blog? This reminds me I need to make some more. I made 4 in about 15 minutes – so easy and quick! I just need to get a mesh bag to use when I wash them. Thanks again for the directions!!! :)

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